Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"
Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"
Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"
Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"
Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"
Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"

Original Qi Lin Knife Set (2 Pieces) "World Famous"

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Set of 2:

1x Cleaver Chopping Knife 

1x Carving Slicing Knife

Made from German High Carbon Stainless Steel. 


We are here, you asked for it!

Thank you for waiting, Asia world's most popular knife set. 

Qi Lin is known for high-quality steel manufacturing, based in China since 1978, Qi Lin was a traditional steel factory design and manufacture knives exclusively for the locals. During the last 10 years, we developed with Germany using cryogenic technique that forges the perfect knife from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. We hope to impress you with our fine craftsmanship. 

Engineered to perfection and hand polished to a satin finish. Carefully tapered for improved hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance. 

The blade's edge is razor sharp, allowing for surprising precision, while the extra-thick pakka-wood handle provides a solid grip from which to wield. Capable of sailing through virtually anything it may face, from beef, poultry or pork to tough-skinned fruits and vegetables, cutting with this mega-beast will put a smile on your face. Laminated and polished for a sanitary build, perfect for busy kitchens.

Thanks for your support! This is our first worldwide launch, as an appreciation, we will donate 5% of all revenue to the food banks in our region to help support the underprivileged. 

*All items sold carry a 1-year exchange warranty, and 30 days return period if you are unsatisfied about our craftsmanship

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Ask a Question
  • How is the sharpness?

    It is very sharp right out of the box, as you can see in the videos. Please be careful when using it!

  • I'm a female and looking for lightweight chef knives. How does this one feel?

    This is an appropriate weight kitchen knife with good balance. It makes cutting jobs easier. Very suitable for the female.

  • Does this knife have a warranty?

    Definitely, we stand by our craftsmanship. Feel free to return or exchange within 30 days and 12-month exchange warranty. Enjoy!

  • Is this good for cutting frozen meat?

    Absolutely, totally capable of and designed for this type of jobs!

  • Does it need to be sharpen before first use?

    You can use it right away. Enjoy!

  • Is it durable to chop up a bone?

    The best part about Qilin knives is they are indestructible against bones, it will last for a very long time. We offer a 12-month exchange warranty in addition to the excellent craftsmanship!

  • Is this handle comfortable for a man with large hands?

    Sure! The handle is ergonomically designed to fit all hands, our customers are from all around the world, feel free to try it out!

  • Can I use this cleaver to separate chicken or ribs?

    Yes, it's very sharp and could easily separate the whole chicken. That's what it made for, very effective! 

  • Would this be a good cleaver to use to open a young coconut?

    Definitely! This is one of the advantages of a cleaver, the top side serrations are really handy in digging a coconut hole open. It works great and stays sharp.

  • Does the blade extend into the handle?

    Sure! It extends into the handle. This avoids the knife snapping from the handle. It will last for a very long time.

  • Is this knife dishwasher safe? Will this knife rust? Thank you!

    It is dishwasher safe and even freezer safe! It is fully stainless steel with high carbon content and guarantees rust free for life!

  • The title says that this is a set of two, should I expect to get a set if I buy this?

    Yes! You will get both the cleaver knife and carving knife. Enjoy!

  • What is the blade size?

    The blade length measures in 6.5 inches, this is a heavy and rugged knife.

  • This item is real?

    This is 100% authentic, we do not sell counterfeit items. All the products we sell come with 30-day returns/exchange policy and backed by a 12-month warranty. Feel free to try it out!

  • Does this knife come with a cover?

    It doesn't have a cover but you can keep it in the box it came with; or in a knife block or drawer. It is a terrific knife, you will be pleased with it!

  • Where is it made?

    German stainless steel, made in China. Very well built, it gives a sensation of a more expensive one in hand.

  • What is the size of the cleaver, it says the cleaver is 30cm long, what is the width?

    The cleaver is 30cm in length, 9cm in width. The handle is 13cm. The blade length measures in 6.5 inches. Hope that helps!

  • How thick is the blade?

    It's about 3cm in thickness, full heavy stainless steel unibody construction. It WILL DESTROY, be warned!

  • I'm looking to find out if the handle has a good grip or is it slippery?

    It is solid, sturdy & the base of the knife handle curves downward to hold your fingers in place. It's an excellent product & it has never slipped once even when chopping thru turkey bones.

  • What's the weight of the cleaver?


  • Would somebody give me measurement of width, please?

    The knife is 30cm in full length, 9cm in width. The handle is 13cm. The blade length measures in 6.5 inches. Hope that helps!